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A Gringo In Mexico Offers Fine Art And Accessories

May 15th, 2021

A Gringo In Mexico Offers Fine Art And Accessories

Popular blogger & influencer launches fine art photography collection

SAN DIEGO, CA — W. Scott Koenig, aka A Gringo in Mexico, announced that he has partnered with Fine Art America to launch a line of art prints, home décor, lifestyle accessories, stationery and apparel featuring photography taken during his Mexican travels. The collection can be viewed and ordered online at

“I’ve traveled extensively in Baja California and all over Mexico for years,” says Koenig. “My camera has been a constant travel companion since 2003 and I’ve captured some striking images from Tijuana in the north all the way south to the Yucatán peninsula. My photography is enthusiastically received across my social channels and online reviews and posts, which encouraged me to create a collection of fine art prints and accessories.”

The collection consists of nearly 60 images of the Baja California peninsula as well as in Oaxaca, Cuernavaca,...